Talent Management Modelling Is ‘Reliable’

Talent Management baby model Alfie

Talent Management baby model Alfie

Maxine signed her baby son Alfie up for Talent Management modelling because she felt that our agency would get him noticed and that we are more reliable than other agencies…

How would you describe Alfie’s look?

He is gorgeous with lovely brown eyes, a cute, little chubby face and light brown hair.

Where did your interest in modelling come from?
Alfie is such a well behaved baby that I thought ‘I shouldn’t keep him to myself’. You can’t have a baby that screams all the time on the cover of a magazine.

What made you choose Talent Management?
They are reliable, unlike any other agency. You can never be to sure that you will get what you want out of it, but I have a feeling that talent management will help get Alfie noticed.

What are you hoping to gain from signing up with a model agency?
To have Alfie seen by people. I want them to see how adorable he is.

Name the top 3 things about Alfie that you think will make him a good model.
Alfie is cute, he can go to anyone and won’t cry – in fact he doesn’t cry a lot generally – and likes making noises and smiling.

Does he have any additional talents?

Alfie’s talents are being cute, getting around the room, grabbing things that should be out of his reach.

What are you most looking forward to in Alfie becoming a model?
I am looking forward to seeing Alfie get seen by people having his pictures taken and people making a fuss out of him.

If you think your baby could be a Talent Management model like Alfie you can apply on their behalf at our website. You can also find a range of information on the site about modelling, acting, dancing, singing, entertaining and music, which is designed to help you when choosing a model agency.

If you’re interested in booking a baby model for an assignment you have coming up, get in touch with Talent Management’s model bookers on: 0844 334 0000, or fill in a model request form at www.talentmanagement.com/talent-hire.